Painter  |  Educator  |  Professor of Art, Westmont College
Painter | Educator | Professor of Art, Westmont College

Susan D. Savage
Professor of Art, Westmont College

For the past twenty years Susan has been a faculty member of the Westmont College Department of Art. From 1998-2008 she served as chair of the Art Department and now teaches Beginning Drawing, Interpretive Crafts, Advanced Painting. Before coming to Westmont, Susan taught art full time at the Santa Barbara public school system, and taught fabric arts part time through Santa Barbara City College Continuing Education.

In her academic vocation as an artist and educator, one of her appointed tasks has been to see and respond to what others might overlook, to magnify what others might not notice. As a painter she is attracted to common objects and the stories their visual relationships can tell.

For the past 10 years her energies have been focused on the visual metaphor of a singular object, a simple silver bowl and the meditative qualities its attributes bring. As a source of contemplation, the act of painting has brought her to a place of intriguing calm, quiet devotion, and reflective worship.

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